Why Brand Awareness Is Important For The Hotel Industry In 2023


Brand awareness or the importance of familiarizing a specific hospitality product and service, is gaining momentum so much so that it has invoked trends like changing workforce, technology trends, drive to go green, social responsibility, focus on traveler preferences and adherence to pandemic protocols. Such trends when associated with a brand, leverage social media to increase awareness and harness maximum sales benefits. The need for brand awareness and its benefits in the hotel industry is discussed in the following lines.

What Is Brand Awareness?

A hotel’s brand awareness refers to a particular hotel’s familiarity with the general public including potential guests and existing customers. Besides highlighting the hotel’s existence and unique identity, brand awareness refers to the services, quality and overall experience that can be expected from a hotel.

Brand awareness can also be explained as the customer’s psychological selection of hotels that they identify themselves with and consider valuable. The best Indian resorts and hotels do not stop with their superior services and are constantly striving to survive the competition. At the end of the day, the hotel’s scope widens as its recognition increases.

Benefits And Importance Of Hotel Brand Awareness

Combating The Toughest Competition

The number of hotels in India increases rapidly with numerous ones sprouting in each locality of each city making it laborious to overcome competition. Enhancing visibility or brand awareness is one of the strategies that hotels employ to beat the toughest competition. Owing to such popularity, the hotel has less to worry about pricing and can ask for higher prices which the customers would be ready to pay for superior services.

Brand awareness increases the hotel’s market share by improving guests’ perception of the services offered and enhances room sales. It again drives traffic to the hotel’s website and facilitates lead building and conversions which help the business to control competition.

Building Trust And Credibility

Likewise, the brand’s popularity is automatically translated as the trust and credibility that the guests cherish. By establishing the hotel’s reputation for consistent quality and reliability, brand awareness ropes in new customers to book their stay. Interestingly, it also holds the strange power to churn ambassadors out of loyal customers.

It is all about encouraging people to make a favourable decision amidst the saturated number of hotels that offer the best services at competitive rates. Try out some Kerala room booking, for instance, given the Indian State’s popularity for tourism and business. A hotel’s logo and name are associated with its business attitude and pierce past the competition to communicate the message of goodwill.

Differentiation And Unique Value Proposition

Brand awareness and unique value proposition complement one another and help the best hotels for vacation stay, to establish leadership in the industry. Consequently, the hotel differentiates itself from and stands apart through competition.

A unique value proposition establishes the spirit of a hotel and as time passes, the brand reflects the hotel’s energy. Customers fondly remember how the hotel trouble shooted issues and improved their stay. Such recognition is a concise communication about the above-mentioned values.

Word Of Mouth And Referrals

Brand awareness facilitates word-of-mouth promotions of the hotels at cheap rates and spread the message of their good services more comprehensively. When happy customers share their experiences with others, the trust and reputation of the hotel are expanded and encourage others to book the hotel rooms.

A hotel establishes its brand presence and is easily recognized by people’s recommendations. The positive experiences associated with the hotel brand enhance marketing. Customers recognize the hotels easily and refer them, thanks to the foundation that such familiarity builds.

Direct Bookings And Customer Loyalty

When a resort’s name is established for its excellent services, people locate the contact details and make a resort booking effortlessly. The brand tagged with superior quality familiarizes travellers who make booking decisions confidently.

The popularity thus procured is imbibed in the hotel’s logo and makes it easier to practice loyalty and advocate the best hotel stays. The opinion delivered by the brand’s presence enables guests to know what they can expect during their stay.

Online Presence And Digital Marketing

The brand name carries forward a hotel’s presence in social media, travel booking platforms and other online channels and platforms. It enables customers to spot deals on luxury hotels besides expanding the hotel’s reach and visibility.

An established brand secures both the hotel’s presence and customer engagement. It helps guests to locate their chosen hotels in the city and make repeated stays. Such brand presence prevents loyal customers from experimenting with new names.

Adapting To Consumer Behaviour

Brand presence has an important influence on one’s travel decisions and the guests' attention based on a positive familiarity. Besides correlating to the online reputation management of the hotel, the popularity enhances promotions gained through influencer marketing.

Brand awareness enables customers to adapt technology while booking from hotel rooms website, checking in and enjoying personalized experiences. When the brands are associated with environment-friendly principles and social responsibility, they are on the same page with similarly conscious guests and invite them for the stay that they yearned for.

Wrapping Up

Brand awareness is unavoidable and essential for hotels owing to its public relations elements and influencing capacity which end up in the sales chart. The familiarity is boosted through practices like hashtags, complementary partnerships, blogs and podcasts for instance. Let's wind up acknowledging brand awareness as the future and survival tool of the hotel industry across the globe.



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