Trends in Indian Resort Tourism

Trends in Indian Resort Tourism

Trends in Indian Resort Tourism


While skepticism prevails on Indian resort tourism getting back to its feet post-pandemic, affairs are not so, thanks to elements like revenge tourism and work-from-anywhere nomads. Reportedly a majority of Indians seek complete culture shock, meditation getaways and business travels have gained accelerated intensity.

This author here remembers reading somewhere about an arrow moving backward to shoot forward being correlated to hospitality gaining momentum after a catastrophic pandemic episode.


Post Covid Transitions in Indian Resort Tourism

After the taxing covid phase, it is almost a rebirth for Indian resort tourism struggling to balance trends with the traditional approaches. Despite the advent of apps, chatbots and hyper-personalization, most Indian travellers prefer a warm welcome from hotel staff and to get tipped by them on optimizing their stay.

More professionals approach resorts to combine business and leisure in bleisure travels, sleep tourism, health tourism and others seek memorable locations for destination weddings.


Government’s Role in Enhancing Indian Resort Industry

India’s G-20 Presidency has invited more attention, especially from the MICE sector. With a bid to alleviate MICE business by 2 per cent in the forthcoming 5 years, the Ministry of Tourism has introduced a strategy that would transform it into a lucrative opportunity.

Besides, ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ flagship scheme, encourages Indians to explore India instead of options that are located abroad. Apparently the budget for 2023-24 focuses on huge potential for tourism.

The Finance Minister has announced a series of measures, described as ‘mission mode’ which includes developing 50 new tourist destinations, promoting eco-tourism, building new airports and railway stations that improves connectivity.


Working in Bleisure

Facilities like ayurveda, campfire, trekking, houseboat and backwater locations are exactly an escape that a high-profile professional requires. This, combined with delectable cuisine rejuvenates one’s self.

While hotels in Kerala’s Kochi, Calicut, Wayanad, Pulamanthole and Ooty in Tamil Nadu embrace visitors with nature’s bounty, other hotels in Delhi and Chennai offer an equivalent relaxation despite the hustling urban ambience.


Traveller’s Take

Reportedly, travellers in the past couple of years prefer privacy, hygiene, flexibility, convenience with growing preferences for rented villas. Hoteliers, on the other hand, have shifted attention to cost efficiency, out-of-the-box ideas in the visitor’s interest, technology adoption and leaner operations.


Trends in Wellness and Health Resorts

Wellness tourism, highlighting ayurveda, yoga and meditation have gained importance over adventure tourism and have apparently been endorsed by millennials and young professionals.

Top travel houses including ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, have invested in spiritual getaways and heritage tours which are sought fervently by those who seek a break from hectic corporate routines. Kerala houses best ayurvedic resorts in India, are known for their unmatched expertise in stress management and detox programmes.


Resorts for Events

Resorts have become a part of one’s lifestyle, with more people booking resorts for family events such as birthdays, family get together, weddings and bachelorette parties. 


Trends in Indian Resort Workforce

The Indian resort tourism did receive a huge blow when the workforce who lost jobs during the pandemic opted for other sectors. In another instance, the hospitality industry by itself was shortening its workforce.

To optimize human resources, many resorts employed people who were cross-trained in multiple departments. These multi-skilled employees operated at different departments in different times of the day which not only reduced labour cost but also improved efficiency.

Employees are encouraged to acquire new skills and train themselves in the resort operations. Traditional hotel operations are now redefined and appropriate training programs were implemented, much to the delight of travellers. Resorts collaborate with hospitality institutions and announce leadership programs for their staff which promotes internal learning and development.


Summing Up

India’s prospects for tourism are an ever-brimming sector, thanks to the country’s expansive culture and detailed geography. The buzz is that by the end of 2024, India might see less than 100 new hotels in the 4 and 5 star categories.

Domestic travellers, with most seeking worcations, would promote short term and long term stays. Technology and enhanced guest service are bound to improve the above-mentioned prospects.

The matchless expertise of Emarald Group of Hotels and Resorts, especially Wild West resorts located in Kerala is equipped with the above-mentioned trends. These resorts also insist on constant updation in technology and infrastructure, much to the delight of their patrons.


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