Top 10 Effective Ways To Increase Hotel Revenue In 2023

Top 10 Effective Ways To Increase Hotel Revenue In 2023

India’s hotel and resort industry was not only resilient to the challenging pandemic episode but also has got back to its feet thanks to weddings, domestic leisure travel and major events such as G20 and World Cup. All stakeholders of the business including the best resort hotels in India are making individual efforts to increase revenue and shine through the competition. 

What follows is a discussion of interesting avenues to attain the above-mentioned goal in a result-oriented method, which offers success when executed carefully.

1. Direct Bookings

Direct bookings contribute enormously and enable profit and brand loyalty while having the least customer acquisition cost in the absence of third-party intermediaries.

This opportunity is enhanced by using commission-free booking engines and a user-friendly website displaying a spectrum of rate plans including add-ons like spa passes and tours which distinguish the hotel from rivals.

2. Brand Awareness

Indian resorts enhance brand awareness through social media and build loyalty among existing customers and new customers, through word-of-mouth promotions done by existing customers. It gives better recognition to the hotel and adds success to marketing activities.

Best resort hotels in India offer updates of locale events on websites and converse with customers on social media. Such targeting based on data collection and crafting exclusive marketing strategies for the segmented audience leads to better conversions and sales.

3. Upselling And Cross-Selling

Guests are encouraged to spend more than planned by making personalized offers and this enables hotels to generate extra income. Cross-selling refers to additional products such as a spa, swimming pool, massage and sightseeing which are not part of the room booking packages.

Upselling refers to upgraded services such as choosing a better room. Approaching customers for cross-selling and upselling is phase based since the former is done after booking rooms and the latter is done before or while booking. By integrating upselling software into booking engines, the best resort hotels in India gain better upselling through online bookings.However one should take care that these attempts are subtle and do not interfere with the customer experience.

4. Role Of Food & Beverages

The Food & Beverages wing of hotels is gaining prominence as a key customer acquisition tool from being just an additional asset of hotels. More hotels initiate customer journeys from food delivery and delicious cuisines. Best resort hotels in India have more than one restaurant on their premises.

F&B revenue is generated from room service, banquet halls, conferences and mini-bars to name a few. Ooty hotels for stay employ different-sized tables to optimize the restaurant layout and avoid wastage. Call-to-confirm reservations add class to the hotel’s brand.

5. Partnering With Local Business

From one perspective, a hotel’s partnership with local vendors to purchase organic produce and helping artisans by creating flea markets are lauded by customers as a corporate social responsibility initiative. On another, appropriate places such as hotels to stay in Kerala can thus mitigate carbon footprint and add taste to the food prepared.

Making arrangements to sell Kalamkari fabrics at Hyderabad or Bandhini ones in Gujarat would are much appreciated. Reportedly, the Hotel Association of India attributes local sourcing of ingredients as a key pillar to the infrastructure of hotels.

6. Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing increases or decreases room rates based on demand statistics and booking patterns. Except for a few which stick to static rates, most hotels optimize dynamic pricing to generate profitable revenues.

Not only does this tactic help for the survival of any Ooty hotels for stay but also allows it to excel in the competition. Dynamic pricing is based on competition, forecasting and occupancy which includes cross-selling elements.

7. Optimize Hotel Inventory

Inventory management is an important entity that helps a hotel to enhance its revenue. Not only does it help to chalk schemes to generate profit, but also increases the efficiency of the property and manpower infrastructure of the business.

With a diligent blend of sales channels such as online travel agents and direct booking channels, reach and sales are optimized. Managing distressed inventory such as cancellation of rooms at the last minute by offering reduced rates for last minute booking saves hotels to stay in Kerala from hosting an empty room. The discounted amount can be procured from the additional expenditure of guests who book at the last minute.

8. Improve Reviews

Ask guests face to face about their stay experience and if they loved it and request them to leave a review online. Dispatch post-stay messages requesting feedback through property management software. Set profiles on top search engines and online travel agents, so that you are easily visible for guests to make reviews and share vivid ones on social media.

Reviews are important because they directly influence a hotel’s reputation. As the word ‘hospitality’ means, service is the keyword around which the hotel industry revolves.

9. Target Markets

Hotel customers can be segmented according to their location, demographics, psychological attributes, behavioural patterns and travel types. This information could be procured from surveys, creating guest profiles, analyzing their activities during their stay, studying online reviews and by conducting sentimental analysis.

Above mentioned steps enable the hotel management of hotels such as wild resorts in Kerala to improve their services and meet guest expectations, capture a winning edge and enable possibilities for expansion.

10. Room Sales Strategies

Applying sales strategies pertaining to group sales, destination marketing and cross-promotional sales coinciding with major events and guest rewards are a few methods that improve hotel revenue.

By collaborating with the right channel manager with a property management system these hospitality avenues like wild resorts in Kerala for instance, enrich the distribution network and attain maximum sales including last-minute bookings.


Whatever the strategies may be, it is definitely incomplete without a commitment to serve. The hospitality business is about more than gaining revenue and is a game that any passionate hotel owner would enjoy and is a joy that one could not afford to miss.


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