The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Hotels In Calicut

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Hotels In Calicut

The thought of Calicut instantly brings the magnificent history and picturesque beauty of the historic city before one’s eyes. Apart from the Malabar cuisine, which explores coconut oil as an ingredient in anything and everything from spicy biryanis to the sweetest halwa, Calicut is all about colourful festivals, vibrant shopping and superior wellness infrastructure.

The city has more attributes to its credit like international medical tourism from the Gulf, Africa and Latin America, top educational institutions and prime business establishments. Here, we will discuss the ultimate guide to finding the best hotels in Calicut. If you are new to booking a hotel in Calicut, this blog will help you to find the finest one.

Focus On The Budget

Scan the hotels in Calicut that provide basic amenities like clean rooms and fresh linen and compare room rates for the same. Even if you need extra facilities, once again search for those hotels that offer them at competitive rates. If you are visiting at a time when seasonal discounts are offered, then exploit such offers. If your visit does not have time constraints and can wait, then book well ahead for lesser rates.

Check On The Property Location

Implement your preferences, such as the proximity to either the railway stations and airports or the visiting institution, when booking hotel rooms. If you are fussy about the neighbourhood, focus your search on that aspect. Check the hotel’s website to know about the nearby attractions and use Google Maps to know if the property is located in the prime area of the city or suburbs.

Conduct An Online Research

Search Online Travel Agents for details like location, price, amenities, detailed description, photos and reviews and match the information with your needs to finalize hotels in Calicut for your stay. Focus on your preferences like good food, decor, freebies, view, atmosphere (romantic or business for example), internet connection and speed while searching for hotels through online sources. Do not forget to check when the property information was last updated.

Scan The Reviews

Let’s say that five years ago, you checked for a hotel review online, found people raving about it and stayed there. Now, after a lapse of many years, if you wish to stay at the same place, please check the reviews once again. The property and service need not necessarily be the same. The professionalism may be intact if you are lucky and be missing if possible. Check the ‘traveller type’ which you identify yourself with and find out reviews from the same perspective.

Browse Amenities And Facilities

If you travel light, ask the hotels if they provide toiletries and bathrobes. Also check if they provide tea and coffee makers, cupboards with hangers, study tables and coffee tables. Learn if the amenities are paid or complimentary. In the luxury segment, hotels may offer facilities like a spa, private pool, welcome gifts, fruit baskets and chocolates, well-decorated balconies and books to read, depending upon the visitor’s tastes and preferences that were collected while booking rooms.

Reach For Hotel Websites Or Booking Directly

This is one of the surest ways of booking the right hotels in Calicut where the guest could call the hotel reception directly to ensure room configurations and clarify all possible doubts like noisiness around the property. By booking through hotel websites one gets a better room for the same price, avoids hidden prices and customizes and builds a relationship that nourishes customer service.

Compare Prices Smartly

By contacting a hotel, a guest may avail of the best prices. However, a visitor could compare rates in online travel agents’ platforms by taking parameters into account which include location, star category, room specifics, amenities, season and duration of the stay. Do not forget to count the hotel’s cleanliness and tech infrastructure, without which the stay would be miserable.

Local Recommendations

Interestingly, and allegedly in India, it is believed that every business owner has relatives running businesses in the same niche or perhaps friends in the same industry. Talk to a hotel owner whose services you have already availed of and are satisfied with, and get tips on the best hotel in Calicut to stay at. However, beware if the hotel is referred by a taxi driver or transport provider since it is mostly backed by a commission for the referral.

Clarify Doubts During Reservations

After zeroing in on the right property and while making reservations, insist on your check-in and check-out options and call the hotel to find out if any amends are allowed. If you are hosting a party in the hotel, mention the number of guests and negotiate for deals and offers. In case you are visiting as a group, apart from mentioning the number of visitors, check if the hotel provides additional provisions for dependents like senior citizens and children.

Stay Alert While Making Online Payments

Reportedly as of October 2022, few travel agents in India have introduced the concept of booking rooms without upfront payment. The amount should however be paid 72 hours before checking in. While making online payments, use precautionary methods like using updated mobile apps. Do not save your CVV credentials in your payment provider. Check if the hotel website has a two-way verification process for the transaction. Clear your browser data cache after the payment is made to secure your bank account information.


There you are, all set to visit the exotic geography that Calicut spreads on, offering positive vibes everywhere. The above-mentioned points are just a few hacks or tips to avoid any glitches during your visit and avoid any poor illustration of the city which is too spectacular for words. Calicut is a part of the state which is famed not only for nature’s bounty but also for its high literacy rates and impeccable hospitality. Happy visit!



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