The Benefits Of Staying At Wild West Resort

The Benefits Of Staying At Wild West Resort

Even as we rewind our thoughts for a decade or two, we relish the calm lifestyle and provisions to enjoy amidst work, immaterial of whether we were working or studying. The above-mentioned statement is true even a couple of decades from now because the competition and individual output to survive gets more intense by the day.

An escape into some tranquility becomes inevitable and brings annual vacations, especially into the wilderness, as a part of our lifestyle. With a plethora of choices in beachside and hillside resorts and innumerable ones, while I streamline my search into ‘God’s Own Country’ Kerala, we place an argument of why Muthanga resort is a great choice and why ‘Wild West’ optimizes holiday happiness, with immense value for money and no disappointments whatsoever.

Why Hillside Resorts?

The vacation topic arrives owing to stress, which in turn is subsided and replaced with energy when one visits calm and serene locations, especially those close to nature, say hillsides. The cool climate serves as a welcome alternative to the scorching temperatures in any city.

Also to mention during such visits to the best places to stay in Kerala is the difference in population volume in cities compared to hillside towns and resorts. There is lesser competition per square kilometer in hillsides which pampers an occupant or visitor.

A visit to hillsides has a positive impact on our health which includes improved cardiovascular being, weight loss and longevity thanks to the fresh greenery and the oxygen that it pumps into us.

Why Muthanga?

Muthanga resort is best visited between October to March, which hails winter in this part of Kerala, India. Located between Coorg and Wayanad, it abounds in flora like moist deciduous and semi-evergreen forests and bamboo thickets.

 Incepted in 1973, Muthanga is one of the best places to stay in Kerala and is so popular for its Elephant population that it is hailed as the ‘Project Elephant’ site. It is equally populated with deer species and visitors could possibly spot tigers, monkeys and rare species of birds.

 Muthanga forest resort competes in quality with safari destinations of Africa like those in Kenya or Botswana. However, one could not spot wild animals as frequently as in international wildlife sanctuaries and it is a hit-or-miss opportunity throughout the one-hour drive into the thick forests.

What is a holiday without pampering the gourmet in you? Indulge in the Puttu with fish or beef curry if you are non vegetarian and exclusively Malabar ‘Chatti Pathiri’. Never mind if you are a vegetarian, try the Ney pathiri.Take the aroma back home with you, by amassing coffee, tea, honey, cardamom with other spices into your bags.

Vicinity To Mentionable Wayanad

If Muthanga forest resort offers a glimpse of forest ambience that puts together awe inspiring flora and fauna, Wayand is all about breathtaking waterfalls, Pookode lake, caves and many other elements that serves as a feast to the beholder’s eyes.

 Other Places To Be Covered

To optimize the visit to these Kerala resorts, tourists must also cover Edakkal Caves, Soochipara and Meenmutty waterfalls, Karlad lake adventure point and Bansura dam during the visit. Waterfall season is between June and November.

Why Wild West Resort?

Isolation from gadgets during trips to these Kerala resorts, should be experienced to be understood and the joy that such abhorrence of technology imparts a better value to your life. Such abstinence from gadgets, while at Wild West, fortifies bonds with your family, with whom you are recommended to visit the resort. Interestingly, guests have Muthanga wildlife sanctuary and Wayanad wildlife sanctuary within a 3 kilometer radius. Visitors could view the wildlife from the watch tower in the premises.

The famous Seetha Devi temple associated to Ramayan epic, is located less than 6 kilometers from here. The temple location is associated with Lava and Khusha sons of lord Rama.

The property in this Kerala hotel and resort is equipped with wi-fi, air conditioning, in room dining, electric kettle, black out curtains, flat screen televisions, smoke alarms and toiletries. The rooms are classified as deluxe rooms and suite rooms.

Besides airport transportation, round the clock security and BBQ facilities, the property has children’s activities and a business centre with internet access. The campfire not only offers warmth but also develops bonds with your family and relieves one of any routine day frictions with fellow humans.

At Wild West, guests can indulge in authentic Ayurvedic spa services, not to mention the mouth watering dishes from numerous cuisines converging at one table. The peace and privacy of the mountains are accentuated in this Kerala hotel and resort by activities such as hiking, biking, trekking and sports like badminton, football and even cricket for instance. Visit to tribal villages, fishing, bamboo rafting and campfire are the other vivid elements in your agenda.

The personalized attention from the resort staff and the spacious and well maintained premises keeps guests returning home with non stop excitement.

Signing Off

A trip to Muthanga and a stay at Wild West is much recommended for any urban resident, regardless of age, who tax themselves to keep up with the rat race of mere survival. Your body does not deserve the punishment and instead is worth occasional pampering which is assured by a visit to this exotic part of Kerala. A rejuvenated self as you leave, gears you up for the tougher assignments and achievements to come in the following year.




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