Explore The Exclusive Amenities Of Emarald Wild West Resort

Explore The Exclusive Amenities Of Emarald Wild West Resort

Located in the plateau nestled in the Western Ghats, Wayanad is a coveted tourist destination with numerous resorts competing for their slice of the hospitality business. Amenities help these resorts in standing a class apart from the rest and hence the potential of the concept is felt by each of the resorts. Here we move on to elaborate on how Wild West, a resort hotel in Muthanga, identifies and explores the opportunity in amenities in its iconic style.

Creativity In Accommodation

To the truest essence of hospitality, Emarald Wild West focuses on customization in each of its services and products. The cozy rooms here are classified as Sparrow and Myna cottages, Nightingale, Swallow treehouses and bamboo huts, each of them offering its own experience to the guests. Be it accommodation or other amenities, the resort luxury is churned out from simple resources with brilliant creativity.

Sparrow, Myna and Nightingale are double bedrooms while Swallow is a triple bedroom. They all are furnished with a hall, 2 washrooms and a balcony. Apart from this, we have a building with deluxe rooms on the first and second floors which are bedrooms with attached restrooms. The second floor however has a suite room that comprises huge bedrooms and a hall furnished with a sofa, coffee table, cupboard and dining table.

Behind the restaurant, we have eight huts which are known as ‘bachelor huts’. Interestingly nearby we have a single-suite hut which is an exclusive retreat. The suite hut, also known as pillar hut, a favourite in resort booking, stands on a tall stilt, with a big room, attached restroom and the most desired balcony, a highlight for the breathtaking view that it gives. At the other end of the property are huts with a ground floor and first floor, each having a bedroom with a restroom and balcony on the first floor.

Dining In Malabar Style

The restaurant and kitchen are placed on an elevated space which is a short climb. On the back side of the restaurant, you can try your hand at a barbecue party. The kitchen crew of the jungle resort Wayanad are cheerful, soft-spoken and friendly whose dishes on the buffet are nothing but mouth-wateringly delicious.

Besides bread and jam, boiled eggs, puttu and black channa gravy, the breakfast buffet includes Kerala’s own Ney pathiri, a fried rice cake that goes with cooked chickpeas gravy. Be it breakfast or lunch or dinner, the restaurant offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Therefore, one could also taste chicken gravy with the Ney pathiri in Wild West, the best resort in Kerala.

The scribe cautions the readers not to dismiss the Ney pathiri as a mere fried rice cake, lest you miss the experience of getting dissolved in the flavors of the unique blend of coconut and cumin seeds.

The menu also includes chapati, parotta, dal fry, egg curry, chicken curry, chicken 65, biriyani in the fish and chicken versions and veg meals. One should not miss Kerala’s own ‘pazhampori’, served hot in the evening in its most perfect grammar.

Recreational Activities: The Wild West Version

Wild West is one of the most beautiful resorts in India which gives serenity and immense happiness to guests from out-of-the-box creativity. Let us begin the chillout topics with the humorously cute visual of kids bossing over and chasing the ducks and vice versa. The open space of the resort is distributed as a football court, an artificial lake with boating provisions, swings and benches with desks. The resort provides guests with playthings like footballs, shuttle racquets, cricket bats and balls.

There is also a path from the reception to the huts with the football ground and lake on either side, an ideal element for walks with conversations and bonding. Intentionally or not, the amenities bring together the guests who bid the place farewell, closer to one another than when arrived.

Ultimate Fun With Campfire

The fun starts after a satisfying dinner as the guests from different ends gather around the campfire spot sandwiched between the restaurant and reception area. Guests start arriving as the wood is prepared around its frame and as the flames take off so does the enthusiasm and energy. 

While some prefer to maintain a low profile and stay calm, most of the guests are in for some activities like dancing and singing. The campfire is accompanied by a Bluetooth-compatible sound system which the guests use to play songs and accentuate the fun. There is no time limit and while one session ends past midnight another arrives. That substantiates Wild West as one of the best resorts to stay in Kerala.

Concierge Services If Required

The reception is no less warm in its hospitality quotient while assisting guests in booking cabs and vehicles but for a limited number of people. If guests wish to attend the forest safari provided by the government, the resort provides information regarding the same. The guests however must book the safari tickets themselves as per the regulations.

The Forest Produce Counter In The Reception

Wild West, one of the best Indian resorts, offers in its reception counter a rack stacked with local produce like leaf tea, robusta coffee, spices and honey. The branded products are organic and are a shopping opportunity in case the guests need more time for one, outside the premises. The pesticide-free contents are wrapped in pouch papers and glass bottles.

The Muthanga resort executes its social responsibility while encouraging these products which promote the livelihood of farmer communities in the neighbourhood.


Be it the food, accommodation, amenities or other services, the property renders the most outstanding service and products in the humblest or most subtle accent. Emarald Wild West Resort is a guaranteed retreat that skillfully and gracefully handles its resources to give its guests the most exceptional experience. Let’s wind up by mentioning the manager who reminded the guest while checking out, to pack the ripe jackfruit she set her eyes on (free of cost). Well, the wild resort also has ripe mango trees.


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